Every campaign that OCTANE creates comprises a essay writers online number of different tactics and activities. Each campaign is tailor-made for the client’s ultimate goals – such as raising awareness of a brand, generating sales leads, managing a reputation or building a partner base.

We can recommend the best blend of services to have a tangible affect on the business and ensure that the PR is measurable and successful.

Our campaigns are wide-ranging and specific, varied and targeted. Depending on our brief, we can mix issues hijacking and breaking news with reputation management and public affairs to create a coordinated campaign. That, combined with detailed measurement and evaluation, means you will know exactly what PR is bringing to your business, and where to fine tune your messages or targets.

Creative Services
OCTANE combines an experienced media relations team with some key staff that you wouldn’t always expect to find in a PR agency. With its own interactive and does one seek proofreading dissertation editing services let’s take a scientific paper right before the publication stage as an example this isn’t just a simple endeavor web design department, a full-time photographer and copywriting by in-house ex-journalists, we have a wealth of experience to call on when building the creative proposition to energise your campaign.

Training and Support
From events and speaker management, to market research and presentation training, OCTANE offers a host of supporting services to ensure you achieve your full potential. Our media training service means your spokespeople get the most out of press interviews, while regular courses in media, web technology and other critical PR elements keep you ahead of the game.