Communications for a changing world

Now, more than ever, communications strategies must writer for hire be managed, measured and integrated.

In a world which demands unparalleled transparency, managing brand values and corporate image is a tough job. Campaigns must stand out from the competition while also proving their worth on the corporate balance sheet.

Added to this, any activity must also address all target audiences and the burgeoning numbers of media they consume – from press and broadcast, to social and new media.

A traditional PR approach is no longer effective. Communications must be fast, modern and innovative, but delivered with even greater levels of integration and control.

Set up in 2002 as a wholly-owned division of the LEWIS Group, OCTANE offers a truly integrated approach to PR.

With offices in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, OCTANE is results-orientated, with a strong service ethic. Detailed success and measurement criteria are incorporated into every campaign.

The team combines outstanding media relations /dissertation-editing expertise across all sectors of the press, including national and broadcast, with other key communications skills such as web design, viral marketing, blogging, social media outreach, product placement and analyst relations.

The result is an agency which not only understands the pressures of 21st Century communications, but thrives on them.